Cervical Support Pillow

Cervical Support Pillow


This is the #1 pillow recommended by chiropractors and other medical professionals who commonly treat neck and back pain. The pillow has a unique trapezoid center to gently cradle your head and support the neck in its natural position. This can dramatically help alleviate neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and back pain. In addition to alleviating pain caused by many conditions, airway blockage (a major cause of snoring ) may also be helped.

Most people experience an increase in sleeping comfort after a few days of using this pillow. Others may require up to two weeks before the neck and back muscles adjust to their proper position. This cervical support pillow fits a standard-sized pillowcase and is machine washable. This pillow has a white 100% cotton cover and made from high-resiliency fiber for comfort and durability.

  • Cover is made from 100% cotton and fits standard pillow cases.
  • Pillow material is made from Premium Fortrel Bactishield fiber that fights bacterial growth while providing lasting freshness.
  • 100% virgin polyester fiber filling
  • Standard size: 22" x 15" x 4"

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